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Heartquist Hollow Family Farm

Summer Grilling Box

Summer Grilling Box

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As we move into Grilling Season, we want to make sure our loyal customers can get the steaks they want.  Every week we sell out of our prime cuts and don't have them available for customers that we see weekly.  Pre-ordering has helped with this immensely and we will still maintain this as an option.  

This is only available by Pre-Order

Here is what we have come up with for you to get a variety of our high quality steaks at a good value.  

Summer Grilling Box:

1 - 2-pack of Filets

2 - Bone In Ribeye Steaks

4 - NY Strip Steaks

3 - Bone In Sirloin Steaks

2 - Flat Iron Steaks

2 - Skirt Steaks

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    Pasture raised, just like nature intended

    Our chickens follow our cows on the pasture. They eat grass, bugs, and whatever other goodies they can find. We supplement with an organic feed to ensure they have all the nutrients they need to lay the best possible eggs.