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Lamb Sampler Box

Lamb Sampler Box

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First and foremost, American raised lamb is far superior to any lamb you will find from another country.  Some of this is due to how fresh it is compared to lamb harvested over seven thousand miles away in a different country.  In addition to freshness, we have also chosen a hair breed raised specifically for meat production.  

Here at Heartquist Hollow Farm, we believe we raise the best lamb available in AZ and are incredibly excited to share our lamb with you.   Many of you have expressed concerns about cooking lamb or poor past experiences when you did eat it.  These are both challenges we can help you overcome each box will have some recipe cards with pro tips to help you cook like a professional.

This box will include:

2-Loin Chops

2-Sirloin Chops

1-Shoulder or Leg Roast

2-Leg Steaks or Shoulder Chops


1-Lamb Belly

2 Lbs. of Ground Lamb

2 Lbs. of Sundried Tomato Lamb Sausage

1-Rack of Lamb Ribs

You can preorder this box here and we bring it to the farmers market for you to pick it up.

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