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Heartquist Hollow Family Farm



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Briskets are a highly sought-after cut of beef for avid meat smokers. It is also a versatile cut of meat as it can be baked, boiled, or roasted. It is the cut of meat that is used to create corned beef and pastrami. 

Our briskets contain a large fat cap to ensure the meat stays moist during the long cooking process. 

Flats, Points, and Full Briskets available. Please let us know your preference in the "Notes" when paying the deposit.

Price per pound: $17.50

By ordering this cut, you are paying a non-refundable deposit. When you receive your products, you will be charged the balance of your order. 


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    Proudly grass-fed and finished

    Our beef is raised and processed in Arizona at our onsite processing facility to ensure the highest quality of food and lowest environmental impact.